First aid - Volunteering at Red Cross

Volunteering in the context of the Red Cross is an activity that more and more students are interested in Economic College "Ion Ghica", which proves involvement and a strong sense of responsibility who animate our youth.

Volunteers can have very different roles, but most often, students are involved in the organization and implementation of services / programs (first aid courses) in the collection of funds, promotion activities (campaigns and broadcast) and counseling and problems (volunteer experts or consultants).

On April 3, 2013, a total of 6 students, volunteers from EC was attended by members of the Red Cross first aid techniques presenting their colleagues, so any of them can be, if needed, a real support vulnerable people in the community.

Music - instrument for achieving inter-generational teams

"The team is an essential ingredient for success of a company" ... this is what students from Economic College "Ion Ghica" discovered after the team building activity dated March 7, 2013.
This activity was attended by students of grade XII A as well as guests (businesses, EBBD Comenius project partners, teachers). The work caught the attention of all by the unique way of progress, the essential element for cohesion being represented, this time, by the music.

Teamwork is essential in the life of a company. It is very important to have a good cooperation and we can say that music can be (was demonstrated by the activity of 7 March) an extremely fine and efficient, which translates into musical impulses emotions that often arise in a company, which has, compared to verbal language, the advantage that it sits comfortably in the space of everyone's soul without grimacing and without altering our inner balance.

Once, as contractor you have completed the self-analysis, determining to what extent your experience and skills are appropriate for achieving success in the chosen field, you have to move a step in the direction of identifying those persons (potential team members) who have complementary skills, and you can do it by music.
De la teambuilding - 7 martie 2013

Global Education Week

At week 10 to 18 November 2012 were held a series of activities designed to celebrate global education.
Global education (education for personal development, human rights education, intercultural education, peace education and conflict resolution), is based on understanding the fundamental issues of global citizenship:
• Awareness that we live in a global world and our role as citizens of this world;
• Attitude of respect for diversity and intercultural communication skills;

World Wide Web

November 27th was a good opportunity for joy for the "buds", the 9th graders who have demonstrated skills and talent during the Bal of the Newcomers Students. 
The theme of this year was able to reinforce the idea that together we are stronger and everyone matter in this great network that is the world in which we live.
The organizers offered during the 3 hour pleasant moments of dance, music and costumes, to the approximately 300 participants from Economic College "Ion Ghica".


VALUES - Combating trafficking in human beings

November occasioned several meetings of students from the Faculty of Law in Targoviste with students from Economic College, topics discussed being able to help students to realize the importance of respecting human rights but also the risks they are exposed to multiple conditions challenges of the modern world and offered free access to media and communication. Social networks, as some of the most permissive but at the same time and more dangerous, can make it hard for teens who are not trained in this direction.
The campaign, developed with the support of the Proximity Police, will take place during the school year 2012-2013 and will cover topics of interest primarily for the life and safety of adolescents.

Article 3
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.